Top 5 Free London art galleries

When you are travelling to London it is always good to know not only where the free things are, but which are worth going to. When it comes to galleries, the ones that have an entry fee are generally worth paying for, so the fact that there are still so many amazing free options is incredible! We have put together a list of our top 5 and we hope that this will make your next trip to London that bit easier.

Tate Modern

Opening Times: Sunday to Thursday 10am to 6pm, Friday to Saturday 10am to 10pm (times may vary, please see website)

Tate Modern is a huge art gallery displaying the best in British and international contemporary art. It is the most visited gallery in the world with around 4.7 million visitors per year! By looking at its popularity, you have probably gathered by now that this gallery really is a must see. It is THE gallery to visit and always has something going on. There are often special exhibitions that you may have to pay for, however the rest of the gallery is completely free! The galleries in Tate Modern contain the national collection of British art dating as far back as 1500 as well as collection of international modern art. The gallery currently consists of 7 floors and levels 0-4 contain gallery space. The gallery is located near Southwark tube station and our closest apartments to the gallery are our Covent Garden apartments which are just a short walk away.

Saatchi Gallery

Opening Times: Monday to Sunday 10am to 6pm (times may vary, please see website)

The Saatchi Gallery is a contemporary art gallery. It has been in various locations around London since its opening in 1985, however it is now located in Chelsea. The gallery has had major influence on the art scene in Britain since its opening. The gallery is truly inspiring and it is hard to believe that you do not have to pay to view the wonderful pieces that you see inside. It is the perfect space for artists to showcase their work. Being located in the heart of Chelsea means that it is easily accessible and in an area with plenty of shops and restaurants nearby, making it the perfect place to go for the day. The gallery is located by Sloane Square tube station and our South Kensington apartments are a 12-15 minute tube journey away. 

The National Gallery

Opening Times: Saturday to Thursday 10am to 6pm, Friday 10am to 9pm (times may vary, please see website)

The National Gallery is an art museum. It was founded in 1824 and houses over 2500 paintings dating from the 13th - 19th Century. It is the fifth most visited art museum in the world and has a great atmosphere for a museum. Each room has its unique character and you can very easily get lost amongst some of the greatest collections of art in the world. The National Gallery is located near Charing Cross tube station and our Fitzrovia apartments area 20 minute walk or a short bus ride away.

National History Museum

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm, Sunday 2pm to 5pm (opening times may vary, please see website)

The National History Museum exhibits a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history. The gallery was founded in 1881 as Dr Sloane allowed Parliament to purchase his findings and as a result the museum was created due to Sir Robert Owens persuasion to the Board of Trustees.  The gallery is located very close to Brick Lane and is opposite the art campuses of London Metropolitan University so it is constantly surrounded by art intellectuals. Our Notting Hill apartments are a short distance from the museum.

National Portrait Gallery

Opening times: Saturday to Wednesday 10am to 6pm, Thursday to Friday 10am to 9pm (opening times may vary, please see website)

The National Portrait gallery is an art gallery which contains portraits of several historically important and famous people from Britain. It was the first portrait gallery in the world to open in 1856 and it is connected to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh. If you are interested in seeing what type of people were of importance back in the day rather than your focus being on who painted or created the piece then this is the gallery for you. The portraits are selected according to the importance of the sitter and not the artist. The National Portrait gallery is located next to Leicester Square and our Mayfair apartments are 20 minutes by public transport.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading about the top 5 free London art galleries as much as we enjoyed telling you about them. If you have any more questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us in the comment field below! If you would like more regular updates then please give us a like on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.








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