The best restaurants to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner in London

Although typically celebrated in the United States and Canada, Thanksgiving is also a welcomed holiday in the diverse city of London. With this year’s Thanksgiving taking place on 22 November 2018 now is the perfect time to browse your options and pick the restaurant that best suits your tastes. Below we have picked out some of our favourite restaurants for you to enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner in London.

Porky’s BBQ


Thanksgiving is a special occasion. Yet it is not just special for giving thanks for the preceding year of harvest. It is also the one time of the year when you can gorge on so much food you would make Henry VIII blush. In keeping with this ‘so wrong, yet so very right’ part of the tradition, Porky’s BBQ has a tradition of offering a feast at a very reasonable price!

Known for its sizable portions, the three course menu is sure to quench even the most fervent of appetites.
Their Thanksgiving menu is available at all three of its locations in London.

Camden/Bankside/West Hampstead 

The Cut at 45 Park Lane

Thanksgiving menu

For those that fancy a more affluent experience for Thanksgiving, The Cut at Park Lane, is part of the Dorchester Group and run by acclaimed chef Wolfgang Puck. The Cut offers an stylish setting for this great American tradition. Alongside the traditional American classics try the Prime Beef Carpaccio with Black Truffle, and Jumbo Prawns in toasted chilli oil.

Located right in the heart of the Dorchester Hotel, The Cut is the perfect place to relax and enjoy your Thanksgiving in style.

Manna, Primrose Hill

With its focus on the carnivorous among us, vegetarians don’t often get a look in when it comes to Thanksgiving. Yet that doesn’t mean they should miss out or have an inferior feast when celebrating the day. Thanks to Manna, however, veggies are covered in a big way.

Labelled as the oldest vegetarian restaurant in England, Manna specialises in serving up dishes that are a take on its meat counterparts. Although the Thanksgiving menu – an annual tradition at the restaurant since 2009 – has yet to be finalised, but you can expect it to feature the tempeh roast as seen in previous iterations of the menu.

Christopher’s, Covent Garden

Although Thanksgiving is typically celebrated in large family gatherings, sharing the day with just your significant other might be more to your style. To avoid the hustle-and-bustle and settle into a more intimate atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with Christopher’s in Covent Garden.

The Thanksgiving menu at Christopher’s encompasses a wide variety of dishes to please all palettes. Whether you crave a ballotine of organic turkey, a prime rump steak, a rack of lamb or even a roast salmon, the main course selection is decidedly diverse. The rest of the menu is equally wide-ranging, with options such as goat’s cheese soufflé and seared scallops presented to begin proceedings, and the likes of pear and almond cobbler and peanut butter chocolate tart available for dessert.

A vegetarian option is also provided.

Planet Hollywood, Haymarket

If you are having a large family gathering for the Thanksgiving festivities, celebrating the day can become an expensive proposition – especially if you are planning on dining out. So if you want to get out of the house and have an inexpensive meal, Planet Hollywood in Haymarket can provide you with just that… along with a sprinkling of movie memorabilia to peruse.

Planet Hollywood’s set menu begins with a hearty pumpkin soup, moves on to your traditional roast turkey and finishes with a white chocolate bread pudding. The menu is your standard fare, but if you are on a budget and want to go out to celebrate Thanksgiving, it is a suitable option.

The Jones Family Project, Shoreditch

The Jones Family love celebrations, and really go to town when it comes to Thanksgiving! They offer a reasonably priced three course menu featuring classics such as roast turkey dinner and pecan pie. For a supplement why not add their paired cocktail option? You get four Wild Turkey cocktails inspired by American Fruits and themed songs!


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